Smart Measurement System

The Smart Measurement® System is a convenient, all-in-one, web-based health survey data collection service available for all health care markets.

Our Smart Measurement System uses the latest technologies to capture, benchmark and interpret survey data seamlessly and efficiently. This IT platform is ideal for individuals or organizations that want to measure functional health and well-being quickly and confidentially, while obtaining results in real time.

The Smart Measurement System features:

  • Automatic scoring of surveys with real-time reports
  • Reporting that allows changes in health to be tracked over time and comparisons to be made between treatments, programs, patients and populations
  • Access via confidential login at any time, from any location where Internet access is available
  • Multi-user capability that allows multiple patients/clinicians to be logged into the system and completing tasks simultaneously
  • Multiple modes of administration, including online, PDA and more
  • An automated patient reminder system using email and postal mail for compliance (optional)
  • Administration management tools for sponsors, groups, sites and individuals
  • Professional Alerts — monitor health status more closely with email alerts, triggered when a patient's condition changes (optional)
  • Data warehouse for storage and recall of completed surveys
  • Data import/export capabilities to customer sites using secure FTP
  • Secure to HIPAA (U.S.) and PIPA (Canada)

We can also provide you with the ability to use this tool as part of your own website with our Smart Measurement® System with Trusted Partner. This seamless interface makes it appear to patients taking an Optum health survey that they have never left your website. A link is created on your site that connects to Site visitors use a single sign-on to take the survey via a secure login. An example of this can be found via Bristol-Myers Squibb's Rheumatoid Arthritis survey.


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