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Improve Quality by Measuring Patient Outcomes

Our health care system’s efforts to improve quality of care often lack an important element: the patient’s perspective on his or her own health. At Optum™, we capture reliable, practical and scientifically valid information on the patient’s own functional health and well-being with patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures.

Life Sciences companies can use these PROs throughout the product development lifecycle to measure success, prove value and find opportunity. Increasingly, PROs are also being used by payers, providers and government agencies to improve quality by measuring health outcomes from the patient’s point of view.

SF Health Surveys

The Optum SF™ Health Surveys capture practical, reliable and valid information about functional health and well-being from the patient's point of view. They are considered generic health surveys because they can be used across age, disease and treatment group, and are appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Conversely, disease-specific health surveys are focused on a particular condition or disease.

Other Generic Health Surveys

In addition to the SF™ Health Surveys, Optum offers other generic health surveys that can be used across age, disease and treatment group. These tools function similarly to the SF Health Surveys, capturing practical, reliable and valid information about functional health and well-being from the patient's point of view. They are not focused on a particular disease or condition and so they are appropriate for a wide variety of applications.

Disease-specific Health Surveys

Our disease-specific health surveys measure the impact of a particular disease on an individual’s functional health and well-being. These surveys gather vital patient-reported outcome data that is useful in identifying patients in need of treatment and assessing treatment effectiveness. They can also assess change in disease control over time in a variety of settings, including clinical practice, disease management and clinical trials.

Pediatric Health Surveys

Our generic pediatric health surveys measure a child's overall health status, including physical functioning, social functioning and mental health. They can be used alone, or with a disease-specific pediatric health survey to measure a child's health as it is affected by a particular condition or disease. These health surveys are for children between the ages of 5 and 18. They are practical, reliable and valid, and are used across a variety of populations, as the questions are general enough to apply to individuals with diverse conditions.

Risk Assessment

A new approach to risk assessment

The Affordable Care Act is changing the health care landscape in the United States by extending coverage to millions of uninsured, removing pre-existing condition clauses and implementing health insurance exchanges.  This means that health plans are now preparing for an unprecedented influx of new members.

One of the biggest challenges facing insurers is that these new populations are not very well understood. A priority for insurers will be to learn as much about these new members as soon as possible so that they can understand future risk and manage their new membership’s care proactively.  

Consulting Services

Our Outcomes Insight Consulting™ Division can help you translate patient-reported information into knowledge and results. Whether you are seeking a label claim or need assistance with an FDA dossier, we will guide you every step of the way. Equipped with our proprietary databases, we can also help you to identify future health risk, understand the distribution of disease burden in member populations and assess treatment effectiveness.

Smart Measurement System

The Smart Measurement® System is a convenient, all-in-one, web-based health survey data collection service available for all health care markets.

Modes of Administration

It is no secret that technology is changing health care — from the way physicians practice and pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs, to how patients receive care. At Optum™, we put the best technology to work for you by offering a variety of ways for patients to complete health surveys.

Scoring Services

In the world of health outcomes measurement, nothing is more vital than the accuracy of your data. And nothing is more damaging than costly data errors that could have been easily avoided.

Manuals/User Guides

No tool will work as expected without the knowledge to use it skillfully. Health surveys, like the SF-36v2®, are no different. This is why we publish manuals and user guides — helpful resources for customers using our surveys.

Translation Process

Many of our Optum health surveys are the most widely used measures of functional health and well-being in the world. This is in part due to the number of different languages these health surveys are available in. For example, the SF-36v2® Health Survey is currently available in more than 170 language translations.

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