Patient-reported outcomes

Measuring health from the patient’s perspective

Optum works with the world’s largest, and smallest, health care organizations to measure and better understand health outcomes. Is the patient’s health improving or declining? Is the treatment, medicine or intervention working? Is the provider or program making a measureable difference? Is a population’s health status above or below the norm?

The SF™ Health Surveys, and other patient-reported outcome (PRO) tools, provide scientifically valid assessments of physical and mental health. Put simply, they measure health and well-being from the patient’s point of view.

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Find insights and perspectives on measuring outcomes from the patient’s point of view including peer-reviewed articles, scientific posters, case studies and white papers developed over the years by our experts.

Case Study: Alberta Health Services
Alberta Health Services sought innovative patient data measurement tools to refine its population management and risk stratification


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Case Study: Integrating claims and health risk assessment data to measure risk in a dual eligible population
HRA data plays a critical role in identifying elements of health risk in a dual eligible population.
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Case Study: ARAVA Makes Pharmaceutical History
In March 2003, Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. and the Food and Drug Administration made history.

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Case Study: Magellan Health Services
Almost four years ago Magellan sought to better understand the impact behavioral services were having on patients.
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Article: The Trial Never Ends
After years as a staple of late-stage clinical trials, patient reported outcome surveys are expanding their role in drug discovery and development processes.

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Case Study: UMass Memorial Medical Center
Umass Memorial averages more than 1,000 total joint surgeries per year. “Measuring patient outcomes of these surgeries is an important priority for us.”
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White Paper: Using the Voice of the Patient to Improve Quality
Improving quality of care is one of the goals of health care reform. The primary challenge will be determining how to measure and quantify results.
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