Monitor Population Health

Traditionally, public health officials — and others responsible for monitoring the health of large groups of people — have relied on claims history or emergency room reports to gather information concerning a population's health.

The drawback of this approach is that by the time the numbers are in, the data is at least six months old, and likely much older. What if you could "take the temperature" of a large group of people and get immediate results? And what if those results could help you assess risk, predict future expenses and effect change?

Optum has reliable and scientifically valid health surveys that can help you do just that. Our SF™ Health Surveys measure physical and mental health, and can be used to track health improvement or decline. In fact, the SF-8™ Health Survey was designed primarily for large populations. Brief, yet comprehensive, it can be completed in just a couple of minutes. Scores are easy to interpret, and with the use of our Smart Measurement® System, results can be obtained in real time.

By using Optum surveys, you can gauge the health of populations as they are, not as they were. You can obtain group comparisons, determine who is in some way at risk and suggest a course of action. Why look to the past, when you could be pointing toward the future?