Identify Future Health Risk

What if you had a crystal ball? You might want to know who is more likely to use health care services in the future, or demonstrate how a new drug or treatment might positively affect health care spending.

The SF™ Health Surveys can be the next best thing to a crystal ball. These surveys can help you predict work presenteeism/absenteeism, determine if medical expenses will increase and even forecast future hospitalizations. This powerful information can help you make informed decisions about resource utilization, pricing, case management, patient education and preventive care services.

In direct contrast to other predictive modeling tools, our capabilities do not require claims data, which is difficult to acquire and sometimes not available until it's too late — 6 to 12 months after the costs are incurred.

Life Sciences companies can use this information to link a treatment's benefits to a lower risk of health care expenses and to position products for reimbursement opportunities.

Whatever your goal, our experts can help you achieve it through survey customization, data scoring and analysis and presentation of results.