Establish Drug/Device Efficacy

Optum generic and disease-specific health surveys provide scientifically valid information that can prove the effectiveness of your product in clinical trials and beyond.

Our health surveys, such as the SF-36v2® Health Survey, measure patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and are acknowledged by the FDA, as well as other government agencies around the world. This global reach and international acceptance is possible because the SF-36 is available in more than 170 translations.

We understand full well the challenges faced during all clinical trial phases. In fact, our health surveys have been referenced in over 2,500 randomized clinical trials so far. And, you should know that our Outcomes Insight Consulting™ Division stands ready to:

  • Develop/customize PRO surveys according to your needs
  • Design clinical trials, data collection protocols and analytic plans
  • Interpret treatment results
  • Make presentations before the FDA
  • Provide analyses of completed trials for future use
  • Prepare abstracts, presentations and manuscripts to report results