Assess Treatment Effectiveness

For health care professionals, it can be surprisingly difficult to gauge which treatments are working and which ones are not. Some conditions are easy to monitor and track, but for many, no straightforward clinical marker exists. How do you tell if you are truly making a difference — and how do you quantify it?

Our tools, especially the SF™ Health Surveys, are already being used in this capacity. By measuring a patient’s functional health and well-being pre- and post-treatment, our health surveys can help assess the medical benefits as well as the costs involved. Here are two examples of how our tools have been successfully adapted for these purposes:

  • This CBS News Report highlights how a common and expensive surgical procedure was found to be unnecessary, a determination made with the help of the SF-36® Health Survey.
  • Our ongoing collaboration with Magellan Health Services demonstrates how the use of our health surveys has enabled the assessment of treatment effectiveness to be implemented for real-world use. To learn more about Magellan's success thus far, be sure to read the case study listed under Resources below.