Pediatric Health Surveys

Our generic pediatric health surveys measure a child's overall health status, including physical functioning, social functioning and mental health. They can be used alone, or with a disease-specific pediatric health survey to measure a child's health as it is affected by a particular condition or disease. These health surveys are for children between the ages of 5 and 18. They are practical, reliable and valid, and are used across a variety of populations, as the questions are general enough to apply to individuals with diverse conditions.

Generic pediatric health surveys, such as our SF-10™ Health Survey for Children, can assess disease burden and help in obtaining baseline information prior to a clinical intervention. Disease-specific pediatric health surveys, such as our Pediatric Asthma Impact Survey™ (PAIS-6™), can be used to screen for a condition or disease and to determine the severity of symptoms. When administered over time, changes in a child’s health status can be carefully monitored and documented, leading to more effective, evidence-based clinical interventions and treatments. These surveys are also helpful in monitoring population health to advance health care policymaking efforts.  

SF-10 Health Survey for Children

The SF-10™ Health Survey for Children is a parent-completed survey that contains 10 questions adapted from the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ).

Pediatric Asthma Impact Survey (PAIS-6)

The Pediatric Asthma Impact Survey™ (PAIS-6™) is a six question, parent-completed survey measuring the impact of asthma on a child's functional health and well-being.

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