SF-8 Health Survey

The Optum™ SF-8™ Health Survey measures the same eight health domains as the SF-36v2® Health Survey using only eight questions. It can be completed in one to two minutes and works best for both monitoring population health and large-scale outcomes studies.

The SF-8™ was developed to replicate the SF-36v2® with one question for each health domain. While the SF-8™ only has one question in common with the SF-36v2®, the content is very similar and the concepts measured correlate very strongly.

As the SF-8™ uses one question for each domain, it covers a narrower range of health than the SF-36v2®. As a result, it is not recommended for monitoring the health of individual patients or for smaller studies. However, it is a perfect way to engage patients on a website, which is how Bristol-Myers Squibb uses this tool at RALiving.com.

Available in multiple language translations, the SF-8™ is scored using the same norm-based methods as the SF-36v2® and SF-12v2® Health Survey, meaning that the data can be compared across these surveys. It is available in standard four-week, acute one-week and 24-hour recall periods.

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