Other Generic Health Surveys

In addition to the SF™ Health Surveys, Optum offers other generic health surveys that can be used across age, disease and treatment group. These tools function similarly to the SF Health Surveys, capturing practical, reliable and valid information about functional health and well-being from the patient's point of view. They are not focused on a particular disease or condition and so they are appropriate for a wide variety of applications.

MOS Sleep Scale

Intended to assess the extent of sleep problems, the MOS Sleep Scale measures six dimensions of sleep, including initiation, maintenance (e.g. staying asleep), quantity, adequacy, somnolence (e.g. drowsiness) and respiratory impairments (e.g. shortness of breath, snoring). Disturbed sleep has a major impact on quality of life and is often a common symptom of many other chronic conditions, such as chronic pain and mood disorders.

MOS Cognitive Functioning Scale

The MOS Cognitive Functioning Scale measures a range of less severe, day-to-day problems in six aspects of cognitive functioning, including reasoning, concentration and thinking, confusion, memory, attention and psychomotor. Impairment in cognitive functioning can have a major impact on quality of life and daily functioning and can also be a symptom of specific conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or depression.

Pain Impact Questionnaire (PIQ-6)

The Pain Impact Questionnaire™ (PIQ-6™) is a six question health survey designed to measure pain severity and the impact of pain on an individual's functional health and well-being.