Disease-specific Health Surveys

Our disease-specific health surveys measure the impact of a particular disease on an individual’s functional health and well-being. These surveys gather vital patient-reported outcome data that is useful in identifying patients in need of treatment and assessing treatment effectiveness. They can also assess change in disease control over time in a variety of settings, including clinical practice, disease management and clinical trials.

Disease-specific health surveys can be used alone, or paired with an SF™ Health Survey for a more comprehensive measurement of overall health status. Our disease-specific health surveys are available in a variety of modes of administration, as well as numerous language translations.

Asthma Control Test (ACT)

The Asthma Control Test™ (ACT™) is a five question health survey used to measure asthma control in individuals 12 years of age and older. The survey measures the elements of asthma control as defined by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). ACT™ is an efficient, reliable and valid method of measuring asthma control, with or without, lung functioning measures such as spirometry.

Asthma Impact Survey (AIS-6)

The Asthma Impact Survey™ (AIS-6™) is a six question survey developed to measure the impact of asthma on an individual’s functional health and well-being.  

COPD Population Screener (COPD-PS)

The COPD Population Screener™ (COPD-PS™) is a five question health survey clinically validated for detecting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The survey is suitable for use with or without lung-functioning testing and reflects the full impact of COPD by evaluating various domains.

Headache Impact Test (HIT-6)

The Headache Impact Test™ (HIT-6™) is a fixed-length, paper form version of the DYNHA® Headache Impact Test™.  

Hepatitis Quality of Life Questionnaire (HQLQv2)

The Hepatitis Quality of Life Questionnaire™ Version 2 (HQLQv2™) is a two-part survey constructed to assess the functional health and well-being of patients with chronic hepatitis C. It includes the SF-36v2® Health Survey and 15 additional questions that measure other generic health concepts particularly relevant in assessing the impact of hepatitis (e.g. health distress, positive well-being) and disease-specific concepts (e.g. hepatitis-specific functional limitations, hepatitis-specific distress).

Premenstrual Symptoms Impact Survey (PMSIS)

The Premenstrual Symptoms Impact Survey™ (PMSIS™) is a six question health survey that measures the impact of premenstrual symptoms on an individual’s functional health and well-being. This includes the impact on physical, social and cognitive functioning (e.g. concentration).

Rhinitis Impact Survey

The Rhinitis Impact™ Survey (RIS-6™) is a six question survey developed to measure the impact of rhinitis on an individual’s functional health and well-being.

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