Integrated and informed care

Traditional advanced care models typically don't consider palliative care or hospice care until it is too late in the disease progression to allow for the full benefit to be received by the patient and family.

When working with Optum Care Teams, we prefer to collaborate early, so your patient's needs can be quickly addressed and their anxieties calmed. Through this proactive, collaborative approach, we strive to partner with you, your staff and the patient’s specialists at prognosis.

At advanced illness prognosis, the introduction of palliative care can help ensure:

  • Goals of care are discussed
  • Advance care plans developed
  • Pain and symptoms controlled
  • Care plans coordinated

We stay in touch with you and the patient as the disease progresses and needs change. This allows for a seamless transition, if appropriate, into hospice care provided by Optum.

As part of our hospice care, the patient’s family also receives support, helping reduce their emotional and spiritual suffering associated with their loved one’s condition. Bereavement services are also provided after the patient's death.

We believe this advanced care model is the future of advanced illness care, allowing for hands-on care and care coordination to reduce patient anxiety, depression and hospital readmits while increasing quality — and even quantity — of life. Read more about hospice and palliative outcomes here.

To learn more about our proactive, advanced care model, contact your local Optum Palliative and Hospice Care or call 877-765-4445.

CHAP accreditation

Hospice care provided by Optum is CHAP accredited, a distinction that recognizes only those providing the highest standard of community-based hospice care. Learn more.

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