Optum Collaborate Platform

Modernizing health care collaboration

Optumâ„¢ Collaborate is a secure business-to-business collaboration platform that enables more efficient interaction and communication between workgroups across different health care organizations. Collaborate connects people from separate organizations, such as health plans and providers, enabling them to work together to complete a variety of projects that would normally require a series of phone calls, faxes or emails. Collaborate enables separate health care business to integrate workflows via social networking, content creation and sharing, and real-time communication.

Real-time, secure communication and collaboration platform

Users create an online login to access the secure communication platform, enabling:

  • Business-to-business chats
  • File exchanges
  • Issue tracking in a searchable archive

The secure, cloud-based Collaborate platform allows for real-time sharing of integrated health intelligence, enabling you to connect and collaborate for faster, more efficient claims resolution.

Revenue cycle management

Optum Collaborate for revenue cycle management enables health plans and providers to use a secure, business-to-business workspace to resolve claims issues securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Today, most communication between providers and health plans relies on cumbersome technology, while changes in reimbursement models and government mandates such as ICD-10 continue to pressure-test these existing communication channels. What’s needed is better collaboration between providers and health plans, a way to work together while addressing issues of security and coordination. Optum Collaborate increases the efficiency of payer-provider communication and reduces costs. Benefits include:

  • Accelerate cash conversion by streamlining core workflows
  • Enable real-time responses, liberating staff from standing by the fax machine, playing telephone tag and waiting for email replies
  • Free staff to spend more time on key reimbursement activities

The platform also maintains a secure log of all communications to comply with industry requirements for privacy and security.

Optum has proven expertise in bridging the gap between health plans and providers and currently supports revenue-cycle operations in more than 1,100 provider facilities while also managing relationships with more than 300 health plans.

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