Revenue cycle management



Optum360™ offers the revenue cycle management expertise, services and technology to help you achieve your most vital financial performance goals. With deep experience at every stage of the revenue cycle, we offer scalable, strategic solutions attuned specifically to your needs and challenges. Learn more at

Optum claims connectivity  

Optum™ claims solutions are designed to provide physician practices, health systems and hospitals with knowledge to keep pace with changing commercial, Medicare and Medicaid rules. Our powerful knowledgebase is what sets these solutions apart and our clients always ahead of the knowledge and innovation curve. Learn more.

Optum Collaborate

The health care ecosystem is growing in complexity. The volume and detail of clinical and financial information continue to increase as health organizations focus on delivering value-based care. Managing these growing complexities exacerbates existing administrative inefficiencies, resulting in additional burden on the health care system. Optum™ Collaborate bridges the communication divide between providers and health plans by offering a secure, system-agnostic collaboration tool, measurably decreasing the cost of collecting revenue. Learn More.