Transform the future

Enable proactive care management.

Optum™ has innovative strategies, tools and the expertise to help you implement your own approach to population health and enable the proactive care management that can improve your outcomes and curb costs.

Distributing risk to appropriately align incentives enables high quality, efficient, patient-centered care — the heart of integrated, accountable health care systems. Once the roadmap, infrastructure and analytics are in place, organizations are able to improve population health, enhance financial performance and improve quality, ultimately increasing consumer's satisfaction with the health system.

Health care organizations in the final stages of transformation are most likely to outsource as they have developed a clear sense of what they can and cannot do themselves. With 20/20 hindsight, transforming health systems appreciate the scrupulous planning and foundational activities that helped them safely evolve.

Optum Labs — the health care industry's first open research and innovation center.

Founded as a partnership between Optum and Mayo Clinic in January 2013, Optum Labs brings together a community of partners dedicated to improving patient care by sharing information assets, technologies, knowledge tools and scientific expertise.

Optum Labs is a center for collaborative research and innovation, providing unique data and analytic resources that enable stakeholders from across the health care ecosystem to drive advances that lead to improved patient care.

Network and contract services

Improve negotiations with a better understanding of your network’s performance.

To negotiate fair and comprehensive contracts with hospitals, payers need to know their market position. That means understanding their competitive position and networks’ financial and clinical performance as compared to state and national standards.

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