Population health management

Take a holistic and collaborative approach to managing population health.

For more than three decades, Optum™ has been one of a few leading the health care industry with best-in-class population health management, analytics and clinical and financial services technology. We realize each health system and provider group has a unique set of challenges and we help them adapt and thrive in the continuously evolving health care landscape.

Simply put, population health requires seamless data sharing between health care organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, pharmacies and other stakeholders. Once consolidated and aligned, this data fosters evidence-based decision support, a holistic and collaborative approach to health care and safer diagnoses and treatment.


Care coordination, actionable analytics help Monarch HealthCare achieve Pioneer ACO shared savings.

Monarch HealthCare, an independent practice association (IPA) and one of the lead Pioneer ACOs, was known for providing quality care and controlling its costs. Even so, achieving shared savings under a value-based model of care wasn’t a foregone conclusion. By focusing its efforts on key strategies that included care coordination and actionable analytics, Monarch successfully bent the cost curve and achieved the second-highest percentage shared savings among Pioneer ACOs.

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Educate and plan

Choose an experienced partner.

As you consider the steps necessary to move your organization through reform, Optum™ can help you clarify your goals, assess your opportunities, identify gaps and partner with your leadership team to define strategies for success. You can benefit from our experience with groups that have already begun to shift towards new cost savings and quality initiatives.

Connect and share

Connectivity and cost-savings go hand in hand.

Shifting to a secure, electronic, interoperable health information system — one that eliminates delay, highlights patient needs and encourages collaborative, patient-centered care — holds the potential to boost efficiency and quality across the entire continuum of care.

Analyze and learn

Transform health information into health intelligence.

Inside the data are the keys to understanding the population for which health organizations are now accountable. Optum™ can help you answer questions such as: Who are these new patients? What are their morbidity profiles? How and where do they consume medical resources? Who needs intervention now? Who are the top performers in improving outcomes? Today, most health organizations do not have the information, the platform or the ability to perform these analyses.

Transform the future

Enable proactive care management.

Optum™ has innovative strategies, tools and the expertise to help you implement your own approach to population health and enable the proactive care management that can improve your outcomes and curb costs.

Measure and monitor

Using patient-reported outcome surveys at the point of care

A new patient just completed the standard medical history form in your waiting room. As you begin the examination, you know nothing about the patient beyond what is on that form. Your examination is thorough but you are never certain you have captured all the in-depth information you need.

 Is it time to become more proactive about population health? Let’s start the conversation.
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