Audit and investigation support

Support through the entire audit process.

Federal audit and investigation activity has increased significantly in recent years. Facing a federal audit or investigation can be an intimidating task, but our team of experts can help you feel confident throughout the process.

Optum™ Executive Health Resources® (EHR) physician advisors have vast experience with compliance audits for hospitals undergoing Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations and Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations. As a result of these compliance audits, EHR physician advisors have amassed considerable experience explaining and defending review results to DOJ and OIG officials.

EHR experts will work with the hospital staff and external counsel, oftentimes under attorney-client privilege, to help the hospital throughout the audit and investigation process.

Changing health care rules and regulations focused on medical necessity are a continual source of confusion for hospitals and other health care providers. To stay on top of the latest news and strategies regarding medical necessity compliance and appeals management, EHR has created The Compliance Library.