PM/EMR implementation services

Creating a compliant IT strategy

To effectively speed up your technology implementation, it is critical to have the right information technology (IT) strategy, governance processes, an implementation plan and domain expertise. Optum™ experts can help strategize and achieve your goals in an efficient and profitable manner.

As a health care organization, you need to have an effective IT strategy in place that will support all your key initiatives, as well as governance processes, an implementation plan and domain expertise, as well as keep you compliant.

At Optum we have a wide variety of PM/EMR implementation services. They include:

IT strategy services

IT strategy development and execution has become a key element of every health care provider’s overall strategy, as it can support organizational initiatives for quality and efficiency and even provide a competitive edge. But IT investments are quickly becoming a large portion of your capital budget and must be carefully staged.

Our Optum consultants can work with you to define a long-term roadmap with key governance processes to handle adjustments and new priorities. We first measure the current state of your organization and the technology currently deployed. Then, we develop a future state vision that is in alignment with your organization’s overall strategy. From this, we can create a strategic roadmap to guide your IT investments well into the future.

IT governance services

When not properly informed, hospital staff form their own perceptions regarding the selection and delivery of IT projects and services. Addressing these misperceptions through IT governance is critical to achieving successful adoption of new technologies.

IT governance, when used effectively, can provide the right level of direction and oversight to fully realize IT benefits. This includes increased transparency of IT processes, costs and constraints to the governance teams. However, it is easy to over-engineer or over-simplify the IT governance structure and process. Our consultants can work with you to avoid this pitfall. We help you develop IT governance processes, define and monitor metrics, adjust based on feedback and measurements, and create necessary communications plans

Systems implementation and optimization services

In the world of health care IT, the implementation of complex systems and the adaptation of business processes are critical to success. Each initiative aims to improve the effectiveness and quality of patient care. Nothing less is acceptable.

Our Optum consultants offer the experience, strategy and business process expertise required to achieve success with your EMR, practice management or revenue cycle systems implementation. We understand the complexities of the health care enterprise required to mitigate the disruption of systems changes. Our experts provide planning, implementation, deployment, training and upgrade assistance for clients using all vendor applications. We have a strong breadth and depth of domain experience specifically with Allscripts™, Epic and GE Centricity™ applications.

Learn more about our services across the implementation lifestyle for these specific vendor applications:

  • Allscripts consulting services
  • Epic consulting services
  • GE Centricity consulting services
Allscripts consulting services

Optum experts bring significant industry knowledge, solid experience and Allscripts domain expertise to each engagement. Our consultants’ unique skills and practical approaches support efficient, effective and successful EHR implementation.

Experienced Allscripts consultants

Our certified Allscripts clinical consultants have significant knowledge in Allscripts applications, including Allscripts Enterprise EHR v11, gleaned over several years of experience. We offer a full spectrum of support across the entire deployment — managing and building vital clinical content, training the project team and physician early-adopters, working hand-in-hand with physicians to ensure their mastery of the technology, and showing up in person to support each go-live event. With a proven track record in successful, enterprise-wide implementation, we can manage your project from inception to completion; assess, design, build, and test your EMR environment and processes; and help troubleshoot and resolve your product issues before, during and after implementation.

Allscripts implementation and upgrade services

We offer technical services and strategic expertise to help your organization maximize the benefits of your technology investments with a seamless integration and deployment. Our services include readiness and preparation, formal design, configuration, order/result build, testing, clinical content management, end-user training, eLearning courses, go-live support, and post go-live support and deployment.

Allscripts optimization

Gain from our proven methodologies, past projects, and vendor relationships. Our focused services lend analytic industry insight to help you make the most of your Allscripts investment, including Government Reimbursement, Workflows and Processes, Advanced System Design, Technical Services, MSO and ASP, Specialty Build for Enterprise EHR Note, Order/Result and Scanning Services.

Epic consulting services

Our consultants bring significant industry knowledge, solid experience, practical approaches and Epic expertise to each engagement. We know the “Epic way” and offer you a unique consulting model combined with the security of being a Certified Epic Consulting Partner. This makes the implementation process efficient and effective for your organization.

Experienced Epic-certified consultants

Our breadth and depth of experience covers the spectrum of Epic functionality and includes the integration components required for a successful implementation. We hire only the top performers in the industry, so our consultants have a proven track record in successfully implementing Epic’s applications across multiple client engagements. While all of our Epic practice consultants have completed certification in at least one application, many hold multiple certifications. Additionally, as an Epic Consulting partner, we have access to Epic training and certification.

GE Centricity consulting services

Our experienced GE Centricity consultants bring significant industry knowledge, solid experience, and GE Centricity domain expertise to each engagement. We apply our knowledge to create an efficient and effective implementation process for your organization.

GE Centricity implementation

We have extensive experience with the all versions of GE Centricity Business, including v4.3. Our areas of expertise include: Advanced Web, Billing/Accounts Receivables (BAR), Enterprise Task Manager (ETM), EDI Toolkit and EDI transaction set implementation, Data Base Management System (DBMS), Managed Care Application (MCA), Open Referrals, Scheduling (EWS), and Transaction Editing System (TES).

By combining systematic and operational/workflow perspectives, we deliver results that streamline processes with practical solutions. These solutions leverage existing technology within the system to maximize your investment. From strategic planning to technical projects, we can help your organization meet its objectives and improve business outcomes. Through collaboration and innovation, we help your vision of success become reality.

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