Clinical performance

Let’s collaborate to maximize clinical outcomes.

Providing high-quality health care in a financially responsible and sustainable way requires new ways of working, thinking and connecting. As the provider partners come together to create value-based health ecosystems, clinical performance goals serve as the roadmap for improvement. How will the partners measurably improve patient and population health? How will partners be evaluated? How will outliers and inappropriate utilization be addressed? Many processes and workflows can be enabled with interoperable technology in order to support collaboration, maximize clinical outcomes and compliance, while at the same time reducing errors, redundancy and cost.

Tackle clinical challenges competently.

The health care industry is experiencing new and extraordinary challenges. Anticipation of an influx of newly-insured patients under health care reform; an aging patient population with increasingly complex medical needs; new and evolving care models such as accountable care organizations (ACOs); and growing patient volumes in high-acuity care areas are but a few of the many issues the industry is facing. All these influences place greater pressures on hospitals to provide quality care in a financially sustainable way.


Emergency department solutions

OptumTM ED solutions facilitate more than 40 million emergency care visits each year.


Perioperative solutions

Optum’s perioperative solutions provide the flexibility you need to keep your OR running at peak performance from OR scheduling through discharge.

With over 50 percent of a hospital’s margin and more than one third of a hospital’s supply costs coming from the perioperative environment, a clinician’s efficiency has become key to the clinical, operational and financial health of today’s hospital. Optum has built on over 20 years of experience to create support for your staff’s performance.


Critical care solutions

Ambulatory solutions

Tied tightly to affiliated hospitals and available through rapid, cloud-based implementation.

Optum™ ambulatory solutions are designed to make hospitals more efficient and accountable. You will not only save time and invaluable resources, but also enhance overall patient care.

Connectivity and interoperability

Let us help you connect the dots.

Success means more than just offering great solutions and services. At Optum™, success means offering you advanced solutions and services that work well with others. Our business — like yours — is dependent upon technology compatibility and connectivity. Let us help you make the connections you need to drive your business.

PM/EMR implementation services

Creating a compliant IT strategy

To effectively speed up your technology implementation, it is critical to have the right information technology (IT) strategy, governance processes, an implementation plan and domain expertise. Optum™ experts can help strategize and achieve your goals in an efficient and profitable manner.

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