Working together to solve health care’s greatest challenges

OptumLabs™ is the health care industry’s first open collaborative research and innovation center. Our mission is to work with thought-leading partners to enable innovation and ground-breaking research designed to improve patient care and patient value. Together, we’re accelerating the search for solutions to challenges that stand between us and a healthier world.


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OptumLabs and our partners collaborate and contribute to the unique combination of data, analytics and expertise that drive our program of research and innovation.  This enables health care’s leading researchers and innovators to connect, share ideas, test hypotheses, make discoveries and deliver solutions that improve patient care and patient value.


“OptumLabs is a place where organizations from across the health care ecosystem are coming together like never before.”

— Paul Bleicher, MD, PhD, chief executive officer, OptumLabs

Founding consumer advocate organization

Co-founding partner

Co-founding partner