Optum Real-World Data and Analytic Applications

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Transform real-world healthcare data into insight

Today, it is increasingly critical that we leverage historical health care information to inform and drive future decisions across the health care system. Yet it takes considerable time for life sciences companies to analyze these assets and arrive at actionable insights. As a result, products can be delayed getting to market, and competitive advantage may be lost.

The Optum® Real-World Data and Analytic Applications shorten the time from insight to action for a broad range of stakeholders, including health economics and outcomes researchers (HEOR), pharmacoepidemiologists, commercial analytics experts and R&D specialists. These applications offer the ability to quickly conduct research on de-identified integrated claims and clinical data, and build and iterate a patient cohort in minutes. Once a cohort has been established, the entire organization can leverage it to produce sophisticated statistical, analytical and visual summaries, answering key questions associated with patient care and drug therapies.

Optum is the first data provider to offer an integrated solution that includes clinical and claims data accessible through a user-friendly interface and a unified, scalable analytics toolset. Optum Real-World Data and Analytic Applications are platform-agnostic and provide critical, industry-leading capabilities that no other solution in the marketplace can currently provide. It allows all stakeholders to respond to the increasing demand to understand product efficacy and monitor clinical outcomes in real-world settings.  We are partnered with SAS to offer all aspects of a platform solution, inclusive of statistical and visualization application software, data management and cloud infrastructure.