Clinformatics for Market Intelligence

Patient-level data at your fingertips.

Let a sharper view of today’s market dynamics help you plan for tomorrow. Clinformatics™ for Market Intelligence is a web-based market analysis tool that gives users convenient online access to de-identified, patient-level data for a more precise understanding of any therapeutic market’s key characteristics. By delivering specific market information about a disease, this innovative research instrument from Optum™ can help give you the clarity to drive sophisticated action plans with confidence.

Clinformatics for Market Intelligence produces information based on de-identified, patient-level data — rather than survey-based data — for greater accuracy. The data is supported by diagnostic history and socio-demographic data for correlation to utilization behaviors. It can help you understand the market drivers that affect your products and your competitors’ products, prescriber characteristics linked to prescribing behaviors, and patient characteristics linked to prescribers.

It can also help you answer fundamental questions about your product’s prospects in the market, including:

  • How big is the market for your product?
  • How fast is that market growing?
  • What treatment options are currently being offered to patients in this market?
  • How frequently are those options selected?
  • What are the costs associated with those treatment options?
  • Who are the major competitors in the market?


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