Clinformatics for Managed Markets

Achieve greater marketplace power.

Get better product performance data for greater marketplace power with Clinformatics™ for Managed Markets. This zero-footprint online tool is built on the Optum™ proprietary data warehouse — a patient longitudinal database of eligibility, medical claims and prescription claims data of a large national insurer. It provides an in-depth, more refined understanding of what’s happening in the market for your product so you can:

  • Segment and target more precisely.
  • Measure more appropriately.
  • Grow faster with less effort.
A new dimension to understanding health care

There’s more to what’s happening in the competitive environment than just prescriptions. Clinformatics for Managed Markets goes further — using data and metrics to give a comprehensive view of a patient’s experience. With built-in filtering and grouping options for refined segmentation, this nimble, web-based interface provides deeper insight into the relationships between various metrics.

Clinformatics for Managed Markets has the capability to identify the most influential physicians in terms of usage and sales. As a result, you can capitalize on opportunities and integrate data analyses with constructive, proactive dialogue regarding market performance relative to your goals.

Clinformatics for Managed Markets helps you avoid wasted marketing efforts and instead focus on what really works — and what can improve your bottom line.

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