Commercial and clinical analytics

Trusted expertise to turn insights into action.

Engaging our leaders and principal consultants can help you get the most out of data and technology. Optum™ can better prepare you for product launch and post-launch brand management by helping you understand how and why physicians, caregivers and patients use your products. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to optimize your unique clinical profile, respond quickly to changes in formulary coverage and maximize the commercial potential of your brands.

Almost half of all clinical studies complete enrollment late. Optum can accelerate study completion by leveraging our clinical and claims data to identify the largest potential patient population. Let our clinical analytics experts help you finish on schedule.

What makes Optum truly unique is our ability to interlace expertise with real-world evidence derived from:

  • Clinical/EHR data
  • Health plan enrollment data
  • Medical claims data
  • Pharmacy claims data
  • Physician and facility claims data
  • Laboratory test and results data

At the end of the day, the only market insights that matter are those that lead to action. So we specialize in providing insight that allows you to proactively identify meaningful business objectives — including increasing physician penetration/share, optimizing switching and growth, and enhancing influence on behavior change. Then, using the evidence generated, our experts can help you build strategies for achieving these goals.

Commercial and clinical analytics experts

Steve Davis
Vice President, Data Technology and Marketing Analytics, Life Sciences

Mike Sanky
Principal Consultant, Data, Technology and Marketing Analytics, Life Sciences

Bill Gwinn
Vice President, Clinical Informatics Solutions

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