Integrated data

Creating value with integrated data

The combination of EHR and claims information enables new insight on treatments and physicians’ underlying rationales.

  • Determine the burden of illness.
  • Compare effectiveness.
  • Identify treatment patterns.

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Experience the patient journey with EHR and claims data.

The more insight you have into real-world needs and opportunities, the more targeted your initiatives and powerful your impacts. Optum® integrated electronic health record (EHR) and claims data can help bring precision to your investment decisions across the product lifecycle, from the point of scientific discovery to market approval and beyond, by providing a high-definition view of the full patient experience.

With clinical and claims data of more than 5.5 million unique members, you get an unparalleled, in-depth understanding of the patient journey from start to finish. Our new class of integrated, person-linked claims and clinical data enables powerful new answers to complex, targeted business questions across the product lifecycle, such as:

  • Which written prescriptions were actually filled?
  • How do persistence and compliance vary by clinical segment?
  • What is the cost burden of disease for specific clinical cohorts?

Our industry-leading data assets help you get to the heart of these and other pivotal questions quickly and cost-effectively — so your investment decisions are aimed at generating value, not just defending it.

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