Health technology solutions

Health technology solutions connect strategies for better business outcomes.

Optum® leverages the power of modern technology to connect IT initiatives with business strategies for value-driven transformation and simplified, secure operations.

Optum health technology solutions connect business strategies for better business outcomes. Our affordable, scalable, flexible and tailored solutions support efficient operations, regulatory compliance, business growth and continuous improvement. As a strategic partner to CIOs and other C-suite executives, we offer system modernization, service integration and the adoption of innovative technologies.

Optum can help you:

  • Drive down day-to-day operating costs by modernizing and transforming technology applications and business processes.
  • Increase operational efficiency and quality of business operations through IT solutions.
  • Deliver secure IT services at lowest cost.
  • Deliver digital applications and business models to improve customer experience.

Why engage with Optum?

  • We serve the entire health system.
  • We offer deep expertise and intellectual property in all lines of business.
  • We have the ability to wrapper Payment Integrity, analytics, risk adjustment and other intellectual property into outsourcing arrangements that enable different financial/risk models.
  • We offer scale and purchasing power.
  • We deliver labor arbitrage to reduce costs.
  • We invest to partner with clients through end-to-end transformation.

We focus on four core, transformative areas of IT:

Systems consulting and integration

Seamlessly integrate and optimize enterprise applications and data as well as external trading partners.

Data and analytics enablement

Uncover actionable insights and drive innovation from increasingly voluminous, complex data across the health ecosystem.


Manage and respond strategically to security, privacy and regulatory challenges.

Business process management (BPM)

Modernize and automate health care operations using advanced business process management services and technology.

At some point, you’ll be faced with a technology change. Optum has outlined nine steps that will help make your preparations successful.

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