Health payment solutions

Health Payment Solutions from Optum help payers meet cost containment objectives and administrative simplification goals set out in the Affordable Care Act by streamlining the claims payment process and reducing costs.

With Health Payment Solutions, a payer can send both the claims data and the payment using one file. After a payment is received, the system:

  • Creates an electronic payment file
  • Delivers payments to providers’ bank accounts
  • Posts 835 files — electronic funds transfer (EFT) and virtual card payment (VCP) — online to speed up the payment process; claims payments are displayed to the provider’s bank account on the day of deposit





EDI Solutions

The new era of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requires leadership on multiple fronts: provider knowledge, payer knowledge, connectivity knowledge, coding expertise, leading technology and financial strength — only Optum has it all.


With a national, diversified network, EFT/ERA/VCP solutions from Optum create savings and efficiencies for both payers and providers. 

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