Member Engagement and Care Programs

There is growing evidence that an integrated, population-based health management approach empowers people to live healthier lives. Health management also decreases avoidable chronic complications and reduces health care costs.

Efforts to manage a population’s health become even more critical as tens of millions of newly covered members enter the insurance marketplace through Health Benefit Exchanges and Medicaid expansion programs. Most new populations will come from the currently uninsured, which presents new challenges in delivering integrated models of care to the most vulnerable and highest-cost members.

Optum helps health plans more effectively engage people, helping them achieve health goals, increase satisfaction, reduce system costs and improve retention. Optum helps:

  • Understand population characteristics and risk
  • Provide wellness and decision assistance education and resources
  • Coordinate care for those living with one or more disease conditions
  • Manage treatment of special events
  • Provide care facilitation, including primary care and in-home assessments
  • Manage chronic, acute care needs and long term support services

Promote Health and Wellness

Optum empowers payers with wellness solutions that support a member’s physical, emotional, behavioral and financial well-being.
The solution is personalized and surrounds the member with programs, communications and incentives to drive engagement and empower members and their families. The integrated approach is designed to deliver value through:

  • Health risks reduction
  • Medical cost reduction
  • Productivity improvement
  • Culture of health creation

Navigate and Access Care

Every day your members face tough health care choices: “Which physician should I visit?” “How can I prevent future health problems?” “Do I have other options when my doctor’s office is not open?” Too often, they feel they are shuttled from one physician, or toll-free number, to another. The shuffle leaves them frustrated and unable to make informed decisions about their health.

When it comes to customer care, Optum can help. Optum looks at the whole person, designing programs and services that improve health outcomes while lowering cost. We reach out to people online, onsite and by phone, providing support and guidance to help them better manage their health.

Improve and Manage Health

When someone is newly diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, awaiting a heart transplant or facing any new health issue, it’s easy to feel lost and afraid. For most of us, it’s unfamiliar territory. Without support and guidance, costs can quickly skyrocket — with little or no positive effect on health status.
Optum helps members navigate whatever health journey they find themselves on, offering individualized support and expertise, paving the way for improved health and greater cost savings.

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