Service and sales solutions

Automating the lead to quote, to card, to service process.

Services include:

Sales and renewal automation

Premium management

  • Billing and reconciliation
  • Commission strategies

Sales data and network analytics

  • Provider directories
  • Provider data services
  • Network analytics
  • Member claim and disruption analysis


Health care payers seek to improve market effectiveness while decreasing administration costs by automating sales, marketing, quoting and enrollment processes. Stakeholders demand an efficient flow of information supporting member acquisition via member onboarding. 

Service and sales solutions from Optum® provide technology platforms and consulting services to optimize key business processes within the quote-to-card continuum to enable profitable growth.  

Health care payers’ business strategies continue to evolve as they look to maximize membership growth opportunities and leverage technology advancements to equip stakeholders with information that drives decision-making.

Cost and competitive pressures are leading payers to shift their priorities to enhance business process improvements that drive stakeholder engagement and administrative efficiencies. At the same time, consumers are more involved in choosing, and funding, their health care than ever before, which has increased the demand for direct sales tools, and enrollment and billing engagement. As we continue the transition to a consumer-centric model, we’ve seen a greater demand for tools that provide greater transparency and comparison of providers.

If payers are to achieve market effectiveness and decreased administrative cost, they need solutions focused on simplifying the quoting, application, enrollment and management of health insurance products across stakeholders and lines of business.

Optum® understands the challenges payers face in regard to member engagement and operational efficiencies. Our service and sales solutions provide strategic and operational support that enables organizations to:

  • Modernize system and sales processes post-ACA.
  • Create a single source of rate information to support all distribution channels.
  • Drive analytics and data to support sales growth and profitability.
  • Enable online enrollment and member decision support throughout the buying process.
  • Empower stakeholders with up-to-date information that supports decision-making.