Product and distribution services

Product portfolio management and distribution channel solutions for profitable growth.

Services include:

Public and private exchanges

  • Private exchange and online enrollment services
  • Public exchange services

Contact centers

  • Acquisition/call center effectiveness
  • Direct sales channel for +/- 65 members

Strategic growth consulting

  • Strategic sales and marketing
  • Sales and marketing automation

Portfolio management

Provider network and data management

Health care reform has driven significant changes for payers including the introduction of exchanges, growth in network centric benefit designs, and an emphasis on channel optimization. 

Health care payers must respond to the array of new membership growth channels resulting from exchanges and opportunities to sell direct to consumer. Product portfolio management is critical for plans seeking to manage the increased offerings tied to new membership opportunities.  

Health care payers are seeking enhanced and different distribution and product models to capitalize on new growth opportunities resulting from health care reform. Optum® has developed solutions to support payers as they expand their business, including exchange development and integration, product development and portfolio management, and channel optimization efforts.

Our team of product and distribution experts represents industry leading capabilities developed through experience in building and operating state managed health benefit exchanges (HBE), as well as familiarity with the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM). This expertise uniquely positions us to support payers’ commercial and government growth agendas.

Optum product and distribution services provide strategic and operational support to health care clients to:

  • Maximize membership opportunities available through public and private exchanges.
  • Manage product portfolios to support growth efforts and maintain compliance.
  • Optimize channel costs through use of direct enrollment and licensed sales agents.