Promote healthier choices to prevent illness

By helping employees make healthier choices, you can help prevent illnesses. We meet employees where they are — online, on site, on the phone and on the go — providing information, services and support to help them achieve their health goals and feel their best. Our on-site capabilities allow us to understand your company’s unique culture and design engagement activities customized to your population.

Optum solutions have helped many organizations address total population health with everything from biometric screening to wellness coaching, and more. With a wide range of programs, resources and tools, we help people understand their overall health status and take an active role in their personal health and well-being.

Healthy culture

Create a culture of health and wellness, with help from Optum. We make it fun for employees to take ownership of their health, with the tools, activities, resources and support they need.

On-site support helps develop an ongoing culture of health and wellness. We help employees meet their ongoing needs as well as create healthier habits. Our model is based on raising awareness, skill building and maintaining healthy habits over a lifetime.

Rally digital engagement

The Rally health and wellness portal is customized to the individual. As the “front door” to our health and wellness programs, it was designed to motivate and empower employees and their families. The interactive experience uses gaming and social media to engage and challenge members to take ownership of their health. The Rally personalized wellness portal includes:

  • Health survey that calculates “Rally age”
  • Tailored invitations to create personal mission based on Rally age
  • Personalized health record
  • Rewards (“coins”) for completion of tasks or new behaviors, with opportunity to use coins to enter sweepstakes
  • Social media and gaming that supports participation and builds community
  • Dashboard that showcases personal progress and content

Biometric solutions

Knowledge is power. When employees “know their numbers,” they are empowered to take action. Optum offers biometric solutions that elevate health awareness to help guide people to programs and services that can help them live healthier lives. In addition to driving enrollment into appropriate health management programs, our biometric solutions help you understand the health risks of your total population.

Wellness coaching

Everyone can benefit from wellness coaching: those who are at risk for developing a chronic condition or trying to manage one, as well as those who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our wellness coaches meet your employees where they are, offering one-to-one support by phone, online, on site and on the go via mobile devices. Optum coaches receive training in multiple areas, with a special focus on:

  • Diabetes lifestyle
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress management
  • Heart-healthy lifestyle

Our dedicated coaches offer individualized support that helps people create and maintain healthy habits and prevent chronic disease from affecting the quality of their lives.

HealthAllies consumer discount program

Affordability should not be a barrier to wellness. HealthAllies, our consumer discount program, helps employees cut costs without cutting care. We offer discounted rates on fitness club memberships and weight-loss programs; smoking-cessation programs; medical, dental and vision care; prescriptions; and many other health-related products and services.

Global well-being programs

Managing a workforce that’s spread out across the globe poses unique challenges, as benefits, cultural expectations and languages vary. While executing a global benefits strategy can be complex and time consuming, doing it effectively can improve workforce engagement, retention and performance. That’s why it’s important to have a single source for your employee assistance and wellness programs. So how do you get started? Optum has the answer.

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