Improve and manage health

When someone is thinking of starting a family, diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, awaiting a heart transplant or facing any new health issue, it’s easy to feel lost and afraid. For most of us, it’s unfamiliar territory. And without support and guidance, costs can quickly skyrocket — with little or no positive effect on health status.

Optum™ helps employees navigate whatever health journey they find themselves on, offering individualized support and expertise, paving the way for improved health and greater cost savings.

Care management

While dealing with specific medical issues may be unfamiliar territory for your employees, our specialists understand what they’re going through. They can educate people on their specific health situation, help explain treatment options, refer employees to Centers of Excellence, and connect the dots between clinical, behavioral and pharmaceutical care.

Pharmacy benefit management

Pharmacy benefit management helps make health care work better for everyone by specializing in the delivery, clinical management and affordability of prescription medications.

To keep health care more affordable for everyone, we help our clients not only manage total drug spend but also impact total health care spend through our suite of pharmacy cost management offerings, ability to synchronize benefits and guide better member decisions.

With a focus on affordability, service excellence and the ability to offer everything from pharmacy-only services to fully synchronized benefits, we manage beyond our client’s pharmacy benefits to look at total health care costs and better health outcomes.

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