Guide employees to the right care and resources

Choosing a doctor, deciding the right course of treatment, knowing when and where to seek care — these can be life-changing decisions. Yet many people lack information or don’t know where to turn or whom to trust for support and guidance. Optum™ looks at the whole person, and the whole population, designing programs and services that improve health outcomes while lowering costs. We reach out to people online, on site and by phone, providing support and guidance to help them better manage their health.

Optum NurseLine

Optum NurseLine offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, helping people understand symptoms and providing education with a focus on decreasing emergency room visits and referrals.

Health Care Advisor

Health Care Advisor helps people find a clear path to the right health care.

We make it easier to access care and provide tools and information to help people make smarter health care decisions every step of the way.

Health Care Advisor also simplifies and maximizes an employer’s benefit offering for employees, so they can make full use of available programs and services.

HealtheNotes and HealtheNote Reminders

HealtheNotes and HealtheNote Reminders deliver personalized messages to consumers that identify opportunities to improve health and save on medications. Covering 24 conditions and five preventive care areas, HealtheNotes and HealtheNote Reminders help people stay healthy and avoid long-term, high-cost health complications.

Employee Assistance Program

Why choose Optum for your employee assistance program? In short, we deliver superior value to employers by engaging employees in wide-ranging EAP services. We offer one-on-one support from master’s-level specialists whom employees can easily access by phone or online. We also provide training to foster a productive and resilient workforce, management consultation and critical incident response services. In addition, WorkLife Services connects employees to concierge-like EAP specialists who provide solutions and resources in their communities within 48 hours or less.

WorkLife services

Let us be your EAP concierge

Make it easier for your employees to manage home and work. Optum WorkLife Services connects them to concierge-like EAP specialists who provide solutions and resources in their communities within 48 hours or less.

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