Health management

We help people better manage their health, by guiding them to the support, resources and programs they need. We can help you create a culture of health in the workplace, where healthy habits can become a way of life. Whatever health issues people are facing — starting a family, trying to understand a new diagnosis or living with a chronic condition — we make it easier to navigate the health system, to improve outcomes and reduce costs.


Guide employees to the right care and resources

Choosing a doctor, deciding the right course of treatment, knowing when and where to seek care — these can be life-changing decisions. Yet many people lack information or don’t know where to turn or whom to trust for support and guidance. Optum™ looks at the whole person, and the whole population, designing programs and services that improve health outcomes while lowering costs. We reach out to people online, on site and by phone, providing support and guidance to help them better manage their health.

Promote healthier choices to prevent illness

By helping employees make healthier choices, you can help prevent illnesses. We meet employees where they are — online, on site, on the phone and on the go — providing information, services and support to help them achieve their health goals and feel their best. Our on-site capabilities allow us to understand your company’s unique culture and design engagement activities customized to your population.

Improve and manage health

When someone is thinking of starting a family, diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, awaiting a heart transplant or facing any new health issue, it’s easy to feel lost and afraid. For most of us, it’s unfamiliar territory. And without support and guidance, costs can quickly skyrocket — with little or no positive effect on health status.

Optum™ helps employees navigate whatever health journey they find themselves on, offering individualized support and expertise, paving the way for improved health and greater cost savings.

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