Employer Risk Management

Managing financial risk related to employee benefits

Medical and behavioral risk management solutions give self-insured employers a way to manage the financial risk related to employee benefits. Access to top, credentialed facilities for transplant, cancer, kidney disease and other catastrophic health conditions lowers your costs while providing outstanding care.

We offer stop loss insurance to help you manage the financial risk of your self-funded medical plan.  

Stop loss

Protecting self-insured groups against catastrophic claims

Stop loss insurance helps protect employers with self-funded health plans against expensive conditions such as cancer, organ transplants, or other catastrophic illness or accident. It also protects you when your total group medical costs are higher than anticipated.

Managing transplant risk  

Control costs, mitigate risk and improve patient outcomes

Transplants present special challenges to self-funded employers, due to their unpredictable costs and infrequent occurrences. The Optum® Managed Transplant Program helps self-funded employer plans manage costs and risks, while improving outcomes for their employees.

Stop loss insurance is underwritten by Unimerica Insurance Company. In California, stop loss insurance is underwritten by Unimerica Life Insurance Company, and in New York, stop loss insurance is underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.
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